Friday, July 28, 2017
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Eric Jacob’s Scare Tactics

  Its normal for someone who is a controlling narcissist to go out of their way to harass anyone for any reason. Eric went out...
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Assyrian god Dares Sub’s to Find Him….again

In yet another attempt by the scamming con man known as Assyrian God, he taunts the viewers to find him, if they can. Find...
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Nomadic Fanatics Cancer

I've got my finger on the pulse of the scamming world. No, not really but unraveling the mysteries that is Nomadic Fanatic doesn't take much...
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Double Dipping With Patreon

  Begging is a full time job. Some people make a real professional living from standing on a corner with a sign. Some are scamming...
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How to Scam People and Make Real Money

      One of the things we see quite a bit since the explosion of social media is the staggering amount of begging that is happening....