About Us

Anyone who accepts donations is not necessarily an e-beggar. 
Before the rise in technology sometime pre-1990’s you had to get your information from any source you could find. People relayed messages via word of mouth, bbs’s, irc chatrooms, newspapers. For as long as there was ever a crowd of people anywhere on this planet, you have had beggars and con artists. With the explosion of the internet and social media the chance to drive more traffic to your platform so you can con people has gotten almost too easy. One of the best ways to help combat this ever growing problem is to educate as many people as possible.

When it comes to social media such as YouTube there is thousands if not hundreds of thousands of video ebeggars. YouTube introduced the ability to have a donation button and now splits the profits from advertising. While getting a check from Google is a form of compensation, it is not really a job.

Anyone who accepts donations is not necessarily an e-beggar. Getting donations and living on the backs of others is not a job as well. If at any point in time, you need people to send you money in order to fix a problem in your life, or to let you do something you’ve never done before…..you could be an e-beggar.  If your money that was just given to you by a flood of supporters is none of anyone else’s business, then there is a problem. The older generations like the baby boomers tend to call this type of person a mooch or a leech.

There are some that will argue that YouTube channels offer entertainment and thus giving them money is ok. People who are featured on this website meet a certain type of criteria. That criteria is normally met after a pattern of deceit is found, any type of pathological behavior followed by narcissistic behavior.   I like to think we offer a form of accountability to those that are not being truthful.

E-Beggars.com is a subsidiary under the Nomadic Fanatic business.