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March 14, 2016
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May 27, 2016
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Art Craft AKA GhostWolfArt

art craft ghostwolfart

art craft ghostwolfart


Arthur Craft AKA GhostWolfArt is a youtuber in TN who has a dream to drive across the country to find his brother and to see the world. This is his 3rd GoFundMe(GFM) since 2015.  Arthur’s first GFM was for a bus, does not appear any money was raised and the GFM was closed.

bus fund art craft

Arthur opened another GoFundMe for Wood and Solar in which he has received $50 so far, but then opened a 3rd GFM for a campaign of $1000. Arthur has been quoted as saying “i don’t need your money, but i do need your help.” Well we here at e-beggars tend to find quite a few people on the money train of the GoFundMe in the wake of such previous stars as Eric Jacobs and RV Prepper Wayne, who have ran several successful GFM campaigns preying on the weak.

[pullquote style=”center” quote=”dark”]i don’t need your money, but i do need your help.[/pullquote]

Arthur claims he works on PC and Laptops and has a interesting looking business website here

Some will argue including Arthur that what he is doing isn’t e-begging. Unfortunately there is this old saying, old timers use to say….”Birds of a feather, flock together.

Arthur Craft is known to be a “Friend” and acquaintance with 2 known scammers that are listed on this website. RVPrepperWayne and Eric Jacobs.

Here is a screenshot on Nomadic Fanatics facebook page where Arthur left him a message. Friendly enough to be talking on the phone.


Arthur Craft and Eric Jacobs Friends

Arthur Craft and Eric Jacobs Friends

Jasmine, all i see here is a good ol’ country boy looking for a little help. I feel what your saying, I do. So I offered Arthur $50 dollars to promote my channel on his campervan, well more than the $20 he was looking for. What does it hurt if he isn’t e-begging? I just lay out the information and make a rational judgement based on evidence.

Due to the extreme amount of GFM’s created i’m just having to screenshot everything. Here’s the GFM i’m referring to that i’m talking about in the above paragraph.




Well he responded in a video….Here’s a clip…proving him to be a liar.



Lets dive into a couple of terms people have heard of in the cases of criminals.

Guilt by association means that you personally didn’t really do something wrong but that people who you are associated with did. You are judged by the company you keep, so you can be viewed as guilty because of your association with wrongdoers.

Aiding and Abetting also known as Accessory – A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support.

So with that logic of these two definitions, it is a safe bet for anyone to have an opinion that anyone associated with known con artists may have the same placed on them. You have the knowledge that Eric Jacobs and RvPrepperWayne are scammers just from this website with proof.

The latest from GWA is that he would like for you to donate and has called it “Acts of kindness” Art says it’s not really e-begging.

I’d like to just point to his videos and not have to mix them myself but GWA removes a lot of his videos, sometimes within the hour. I don’t have that kind of time to monitor this guy.

A recent video which was removed within minutes someone grabbed a screenshot of what the video was about.

Ghost Wolf Art, Scammer, E-beggar


The reason why the above capture is important, GWA said he only needed help to fix up his van so he could travel to New Mexico to find his lost brother. Honestly, we aren’t animals here at E-Beggars, sometimes people need a little help. Art has stated previously that he pays his own bills. Someone asked how he planned on supporting himself on the road. It’s a fair question to ask someone who’s asking for help to fix up a vehicle to travel. Art said he was going to support himself with making videos for YouTube and selling things on his website. His e-commerce  website has 3 options.  You can get a sticker, donate and buy a placement on his van. His big idea is to have people support him on the road 100%.


Art has also claimed to be completely innocent of the sex site we found him on and someone must have made it all up to make him look bad. Including the fact google had the page cached on Jan 31, 2016, which was just shortly after his youtube channel was created and this post was created in April 2016. Someone here owns a time machine apparently.


GWA also said that Scamtopia hacked his youtube account and his bank account, but offered no proof whatsoever. The video below is an example on how you can find out who logged into your google account from another location. Something Art never would show.  You be the judge……


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Ghost Wolf Art does not allow discussion on his Youtube channel so we set up a forum here.

Go to the Forum for more discussion about GWA – Click Here

I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. Punkin Smith says:

    he has an urn with his sister in it so he must be telling the truth. lol

  2. error error says:

    People were saying his shakes are from alcohol abuse when he was a street bum in Florida and trawling the bins, but he said it’s due to his father bashing him when he was young.

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