Eric Jacobs and the Tale of the Rebuilt Transmission Part 3

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February 8, 2016
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Panhandling bum brags he makes $200 an hour
February 14, 2016
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Eric Jacobs and the Tale of the Rebuilt Transmission Part 3

eric jacobs scammer

facepalm eric jacobs

Here it is, 2 months later and the newly purchased RV (Yoda) has a transmission problem. Posted to Facebook on 2/8/2016

Just remember this is not a money issue according to Eric. Last time , he was asking for gas money and now we are into another RV. He is using the same method of operation as the last transmission issue, minus the stickers.

As of February 3rd, this issue was fixed according to the aamco review eric left on their website.  Check for yourself. What this means, is the people like us, what Eric likes to call his haters or the trolls……did this, but we didn’t know about this until he posted it on the 8th like everyone else.  When you read this facebook post from the 8th don’t forget to look at the comments, eric is saying he is waiting on a tow on the 8th, 5 days after the rv is actually fixed.

eric jacobs nomadic fanatic

eric jacobs busted doing transmission scam again

According to 2 fans of Eric, he is not even in jacksonville. These transmission videos are at least a week old.

nomadic fanatic scammer


For those of you that are following along this epic adventure, this is now the 3rd time Eric has had transmission failure. Let’s go back in time to the Indiegogo campaign for the documentary, which if anyone can remember never happened.

I don’t believe that Eric has ever had a real transmission problem in any vehicle. 


Let’s talk about whatever happened to Bertha the van? If anyone remembers, Yarrvee and Eric wanted to sell tickets. Obviously, there is money to be made in the famous bertha mobile.

Unfortunately, there is a big difference between sweepstakes and contests. Once you decide to sell tickets, then it’s a lottery and depending on the US State laws that could be an illegal lottery. That comes with really strict requirements and quite a bit of lawyer stuff. Here is a link that can tell you more.


yarrvee, nomadic fanatic, bertha

Eric Jacobs literally caught in the middle of his scamming lies about aamco in jacksonville.

Watch this video


Learn more about Nomadic Fanatic in the Forums

I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. Tresa Lamb says:

    You missed he one about the solar panels.

  2. ToEachTheirPwn says:

    I suspect the isolation of solo living has turned Eric towards his natural calling to scam and be lazy. His October transmission failure that supposedly required a $1500 or so fix cost, must have net’d him about $30K with donations. Clearly a $20K RV paid for in full according to him, along with security system, drone, enough surplus cash to pay for helicopter flights, Disney World trips, new bike, etc. along with clearly what is a weekend at the Daytona 500 (which he states he can’t afford, but I think we all know he did incl. infield camper parking – $1200 alone) means me must have gotten $30K for that little exercise. Since that worked so well, on getting another (probably minor) failure on the road, its license to print money all over again. The number of retired and pensioners who probably kicked in $100 each to help him out because they love him to death is just a crime. I’m sure the donations are still rolling in. Once he started that faucet, its going to take a while before the dripping money stream stops. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him flying to Grand Cayman and filming some vacation on the beach any day now. Pathetic.

  3. ToEachTheirPwn says:

    Also it appears that he has registered the trademark to “Nomadic Fanatic”. Assuming he did this on his own, without a lawyer, that would have cost him about $320 to do as well. It takes about 6 months to process a trademark application. This guy is making mega bucks and yet cries poor mouth. He’s acting like some for profit corporation lately.

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