Eric Jacobs and the Tale of the Rebuilt Transmission Part 2

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Eric Jacobs
January 2, 2016
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Mike “Living Free”
January 3, 2016
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Eric Jacobs and the Tale of the Rebuilt Transmission Part 2

On December 6th, Eric Jacobs posted a video and said it was live with no delay. It is this video that he reveals his transmission is gone. He states he was leaving Oakland during a raiders home game when the tranny went out. At that time Oakland had two home games, one that day which was 12/6 and the one before that was on 11/15.

Raiders Schedule

BUSTED! It is clear that the tranny went out on 11/15 which means when he made the video on December 6th, 22 days later the tranny was already repaired. He didn’t sit idle at the transmission shop for 22 days did he? NO!

How can we be certain it was on 11/15 the tranny went out? Eric told you this morning on January 2nd (see video above), in his video at the 1:05 mark…”if you would have told me 40 days ago when i lost the transmission” To sum it up Eric, lost the tranny on 11/15/2015, he had the transmission repaired at that time paying for it with his “own” money. On 12/6/15 (22 days later) Eric makes a video he says is current with no delay and that his tranny is gone. He begs and cries, he wants your money to repair a tranny that has already been fixed.

Here is a Breakdown of the event.  Credit to McDermott the Log

Transmission Trouble – Options S01E01 Uploaded: Nov 19, 2015

(0:30): “Bare with me because um I’ve actually had almost a week to kind of let this set in, whereas the last time I think you saw me was three days ago in Oakland–San Francisco area. Because my videos are now live.”

TRUTH: **Eric uploaded three videos on 11/15/15 from the Oakland/San Francisco area. **Video was not live. Did not air until 12/6/2015, or 11 days later.

(1:31): “And now here we are and I don’t have anything to bring you guys live. I’ve always had that lag in my videos and I don’t have that lag in my videos any more. I’m talking to you live. I can’t even tell you where I’m parked on the side of the street right now.”

TRUTH: **This video of Eric’s aired on the morning of 12/6/2015, or 11 days later. He had 11 episodes in the can and uploaded onto YouTube that could have aired sooner than 12/5/2015.

(2:03): “Basically what had happened is I was trying to leave Oakland on during…on a Sunday when the Oakland Raiders had a home game.”

(4:23) “I think the bigger story here is how am I recovering from this. How am I able to even smile and talk to people without just (inaudible) being angry, right? Remember it’s been over a week now without me just stranded here.”

TRUTH: **The Oakland Raiders had a home game on 11/15/2016, or four days before Eric’s “Transmission Trouble” video was uploaded. Oakland’s next two games were on the road away from home. Eric was not stranded on the side of the road for “a week” when he uploaded his video.

(4:56) “And I would give you guys more information on all that later once I get out of here. I don’t want all of my trolls knowing where I am live.”

TRUTH: **By time this video was uploaded on 11/15/2016 and scheduled to broadcast on 12/5 Eric was already uploading videos well in advance of their airing on YouTube. For example, he uploaded the video “Redwoods @ Avenue of the Giants ~ Bigfoot” on 11/4/2015 and it did not air until 11/24/2015…a full 20 days later. So the notion of Eric airing his videos live is complete bullshit. What’s more, he could have easily said where he was because the video was uploaded long before he planned on leaving that location. Once again Eric was using his great asset for building fans and making money…the so-called “trolls”…to this advantage.

(6:58) “If I spend my entire pay check on the transmission then I’m still stuck here for the next until past Christmas.”

TRUTH: **Eric is implying that he would be stuck outside this transmission place for more than 45 days. Once again Eric is clearly building up the drama for the sake of viewers and donations.

(7:50) “I’ve got 50 of these. I’m going to sell these to try to combat some of the costs that I’m going to incur with the transmission. I’m looking at about $1300 cost for a transmission and have it installed.” TRUTH: **Earlier he said it would cost $1700. Now it is $1300.

(10:48) “I’m not begging for money from anybody.”

TRUTH: **He’s right. He’s just scamming it. Begging is actually more morally acceptable than what he did.




Eric hints to a big quality of life improvement and getting way more than he ever thought in sales and donations.

People sent in $20,000 plus dollars and Eric buys a newer RV.

My New Tioga RV ! ! ! ~ December 31st, 2015.

People are starting to complain about not receiving stickers and postcards….then the comments were turned off.

Eric went to the Travelers CampFest 2016 in Padre Island.

travelers campfest 2016

A report came in from a fellow rv’er who tried to meet Eric but the cops were called on her, and was told to stay a certain distance away from this Youtube Celebrity.  Not entirely sure why a grown man would be scared of a woman.

An image posted from the event shows Eric celebrating his sobriety.

travelers campfest 2016, eric jabobs,

In a video by YarrVee shortly after Traveler’s Camp Fest. YarrVee tries to do some damage control for Eric. Obviously, there is still some discrepancy with the facts.


Here is a snippet from the comments where YarrVee says all videos have a lag, yet Eric told us in the first video about the transmission, he had no lag in his video and was current.

yarvee, eric jacobs, e-beggar

YarrVee Defending a con man













Eric Jacobs and the Tale of the Rebuilt Transmission Part 3

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