Eric Jacobs and the Tale of the Rebuilt Transmission Part 2
January 2, 2016
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Eric Jacobs

eric jacobs, insane, pathological liar


The entire timeline for the activities of Eric Jacobs will be laid out as it is found in the public domain.

There is a large majority of supporters for Eric that seem to think that the “trolls” only focus on Eric’s previous criminal history.  That we can’t let people move on and what’s in the past should stay in the past. The only truth we tend to produce with this documentation is a continued pattern that shows that Eric Jacobs is still the same person he has always been. He is still running scams on unsuspecting and unknowing people on YouTube and facebook.

This informational timeline shows a continued pattern of deceitfulness from Eric Jacobs.

So anyone who has figured out that Eric is a professional scammer and starts to expose him in his comment section are called trolls. The guy is a dishonest E-beggar and blocking all the comments on his channel only shows he has guilt and is trying to hide his lies. By blocking all comments the so called trolls (people who got ripped off) win, because it just shows he’s trying to avoid the truth.

What we have here is a detailed timeline of various events in the short history of the “Nomadic Fanatic” which shows a long history of pathological lying.

Eric has said that all of these accusations are false, but then turned around and said “what if they are all true?” Watch the video!

Name Change Order:

From Eric Jacob Holien to Eric Bartholomew Jacobs

eric jacobs court

Criminal Record:

The true composer of the CR Boger jingle Eric faked composing.

Several Life long supporters of Eric still believe he made the jingle. Here is a screenshot from an email from Terry Lauber explaining the problem.

eric jacobs, crboger, scammer



Eric keeps removing and re-adding this video (we found a copy)

eric jacobs, pathological liar

Well, a condensed version is that Eric said that his dream was to go to grad school to be a teacher and he applied to the MIT, (Masters in Teaching,) program at Evergreen College in Olympia. (watch video below to hear it in Eric’s own words)

He said there were only a few slots, but he applied and was encouraged/thought he’d get in.

Then he came up with a story a little later that someone called Evergreen and told them that Eric had abused financial aid money by buying an RV. He claimed that this put his financial aid into a, “review,” status, and claimed he wasn’t worried about it. Then Eric published this video: (which he later removed, of course,) where he claims that TWO THOUSAND people called Evergreen College,he was “banned,” from campus, that he had to repay Evergreen College right away. Basically that his trolls stopped him from getting into grad school.

Watch the video below to watch him have his fake meltdown. (this video keeps disappearing, but we have a copy)

Of course, this resulted in Eric’s little minions actually contacting Evergreen College, and they responded on facebook with this.

evergreen college eric jacobs

So, Eric NEVER even applied to Evergreen College, never was he banned from campus and he didn’t have to pay anything back when he’s acting like he has to immediately. Also, anyone who has gone to college knows that you have to be ACCEPTED into a program before you can even apply for financial aid, so Eric just pretty much lied about everything… as usual.

Also, the TIMING of all of this happening is right when his Documentary, that was funded by IndieGogo, was supposed to be

He also pulled down his Facebook and all of his YouTube videos at that time. It is my belief that Eric made up the Evergreen College story to divert attention from the fact that he’d just pocketed $5K and did nothing he said he was going to do with it. It’s always easier for Eric to blame, “trolls.”
Also, when he talks about, “personal information, fake stuff about him being married, having alternate names (he does,) and all that…he’s exaggerating big time. Yes, there was a person here or there who would make a false claim about Eric, (finding the wrong Eric Jacobs, etc.,) but those claims were always shut down quickly, Around that time, he also claimed to have been HACKED, when someone was snipping/sharing public photos from his Facebook page. That’s not being hacked.


There was quite a bit of drama with Eric with the sale of Tilly to an old couple. He was acting shady. Previous to the sale of Tilly, Eric, was complaining of engine troubles and starter problems that he was so gracious to video log for us. The entire process looked as if he sold Tilly under false pretenses specifically due to his reaction walking away after the sale.

Watch Goodbye Tilly the Tioga on why people were concerned.

Someone created a clip with the RV ad eric created.

Soon after the sale, Eric goes on a Live Hangout.

Live Hangout from March 27, 2015 when Eric says that he got a CALL that Tilly was in a wrecking yard and he had to FAX proof of ownership.

and then another shortly thereafter:

Live Hangout video from April 10, 2015 where the story changes to him HEARING from a friend that Tilly was in a wrecking yard.

So, which story was true and which was a lie? One thing is certain, Eric is a proven compulsive liar who can’t keep his stories straight.

Here is the 2 videos merged together so you can view it in all its pathological glory.


Watch more videos about Eric Here:

Part 2 and the Tale of the Rebuilt Transmission!


Listen to a recent interview from May 2016 at Rest Stop Radio on Nomadic Fanatic

Learn more about Nomadic Fanatic in the Forums

NF Deleted Videos:

I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. Kelly Roberts says:

    Hi! Just wanted to share some more info you may like to share on the 26th December Eric posted the oil spill picture on FB but then 2 days late he posted a picture on his personal Facebook page showing his new RV as a cover picture already wired up with his satelite tv dish! Funny thing is that actual picture he posted a video going through the area today saying that his videos are almost live! So it proves he was BSing as per normal. Love the site and well done its great to see others see what a lot of us see.

  2. UncommonStats™ says:

    This is SOLID.. he detractors are not haters just well informed souls with morals.

  3. patrick says:

    Maybe someone could get an expert to evaluate his facial expressions and body language when he’s telling his stories.

  4. error error says:

    It’s pretty easy to work out Eric used the Fund Me money for the documentary to pay into his (criminal) Court account ($10,000+) that he was struggling to pay for over 7 years. The court held various ex-parte sessions to assess Eric’s claim of being destitute and poor.

  5. error error says:

    Does anyone put it past Eric to courier and sell drugs?

  6. silver Sun says:

    I’m not sure why you are trying so hard to discredit Eric. You are obviously going out of your way to do everything you can to hurt him. I just listened to the jingle on the link that’s supposedly the “real” person who did the jingle. It’s the production company Eric works for and the sample of the CR Boger commercial on their page is EXACTLY the same jingle Eric created in his video (with Eric’s voice). Are you people being paid to destroy this guy, or what? In my book, you are the ones who are the liars!

    • Christy I. Smalley says:

      You all sound like losers who have waaay too much time on your hands ripping Eric. How about ISIS or something real? What’s your scam here? Trying to make money off of controversy? Maybe you don’t have a job and are crabby sitting in your parents basement. Maybe you never left junior high mentality. Grow up babies and try to be activist for adult issues in the world. Eric is a joy to watch and you all are just immature trolls. Get a life!

  7. E8hffff says:

    The weather is holding up for Texas guys!

  8. error error says:

    Party at Padre. Come see Eric’s circus and the performing Canadian seal.

  9. error error says:

    Eric’s got a passport to leave USA, but he still needs to apply for approval, or have clearance maintained, to get into Canada. I suggest people contact Los Angeles branch of the Canadian Visa Office, “Temporary Resident Permits” section, to make complaints regarding his application for special approval considering his criminal background. Morgan has most likely made a “letter of invitation” to assist in his entry approval. They can cancel any status as anytime of new information given. If Eric has lied it could mean a permanent ban. Now’s the time to act.

  10. Kathryn Johnson says:

    So, is jax a scammer too? I knew it. I knew that cat was just too cute to be real. All that meowing “on cue,” and the playful antics to win me over. When all that time he’s probably been dealing black market catnip.

  11. Christy I. Smalley says:

    I think the author of this website is either obsessive compulsive or borderline. This is the MOST nutty website ever published and the hatred and fantasy lies are stupendous! Obviously this person and the people who believe this stuff need to get a real life and not just live in their mother’s basement. Losers who can’t cut it in the real world of justice by being a cop, detective, judge or attorney…oh wait, that’s because of YOUR criminal background. Why don’t you share that with all of your followers on this website. Hypocrite!

  12. johnny Doe says:

    Most of his big ticket purchases like repairs and new RVs and the scooter come from pan handling on sites like Patreon and GoFundMe. He bought his current RV and the last off donations..

    He doesn’t actually hide it.. Get some evidence or quit acting like you caught him doing something.. He’s also not the only one, all the people with channels that are in his social-circle do pretty much the same and they don’t have a page here..

  13. heavyw8t says:

    Post his email so we can have some REAL fun with him.

  14. HORSEFACE says:

    Criminal record is more than a decade old and most of it almost two decades old. Nothing is recent history; Get a life whoever is doing this site.

  15. Matt Bruce says:

    You are an asshole. Why would you do this? This man is trying to turn his life around. Why are you fucking with this man? Is his dick bigger than yours?

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