Jesus Being Removed from Youtube For Telling The Truth

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Rest Stop Radio Interviews Eric Jacobs
September 14, 2016
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October 1, 2016
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Jesus Being Removed from Youtube For Telling The Truth

jesus, nomadic fanatic,

jesus, nomadic fanatic,


The last few days have been really interesting. We created a Jesus video back in June and it has been seen popping up all over youtube. Unfortunately it has also been hit with endless copyright strikes. This could be due to Eric Jacobs freaking out that this was made around same time as the Reststop Radio interview in which he confirms with his own words that what we have posted on this website, is 100% true.

The truth will always find a way. That’s the thing about lies and scamming in general. People can tell you over and over, but until you decide to look beyond what someone says and look at their actions, then you can see their lies plain as day.

There is a massive group effort with people who are supporting people like Eric. Going above and beyond to suppress information that shows exactly how the scamming is being done. Not entirely sure what the motivation is.

There is also hundreds of thousands of people scamming just on social media. This website with the people we have on it is already too time consuming as it is.  Most of the information on this website is a effort by a large group of people from all walks of life that hate scamming con artists.

I guess we could really use a GoFundME right about now. In all seriousness, there is plenty of ways you can help support people locally in your own community. Stop giving these e-begging bums a free ride on your dime.


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When we asked Eric Jacobs about this T-Shirt he blocked us.





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