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June 4, 2016
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September 14, 2016
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Kevin Town

kevin E. town, tiny teardrops, kev's kampers, ashville NY

kevin E. town, tiny teardrops, kev's kampers, ashville NY


Kevin Town, formerly of the Youtube Channel Tiny Teardrops, changed to Kev’s Kampers. Kevin created another channel after he said he got broken into and robbed of $2000 but the day after it was then $2500. Regardless the details do seem kind of sketchy. What we will focus on is the blatant lies and the subtle manipulation Kevin uses on his subscribers to get them to donate to him. He also claims to never ask for money and people freely give to him, but he has been seen pointing people to his paypal on his channel page.

Kevin is a huge crybaby that whines about everything. More videos to come.

Lie #1 – Kevin said in this video (below) that he didn’t sell his trailer plans but freely gave them away. According to his old Youtube channel, he was selling them. The background of the video below is the one he was ranting that someone called him an e-beggar .. he was responding to another you-tuber that called him and a few others out.

The old Tiny Tear Drops Channel image

tiny teardrops aerolite teardrop plans, for sale, kevin town

Kevin decided to get all nasty on my video and then blocked me. Here are the screenshots.


Kevin has since removed his channel and sources claim he only does video for a private audience from his google plus page.

Like with all things, people love the feel of free money. Kevin is back yet again with a new channel and now has a donate button proudly on his page with a suggested donation amount of $25.00.  Welcome back Kevin!

kevin town, scammer

kevin town, scammer, liar, wife beater

I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.

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