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January 2, 2016
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Mike “Living Free”

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We here at E-Beggars have been on the fence for a long time about Mike O’Connor, AKA Living Free. Some people will argue that Mike isn’t like the other obvious e-beggars like Eric Jacobs. What really caught our attention is the history of hateful comments he leaves to his subscribers on Youtube and Facebook. Mike becomes highly upset when you ask him to get a job instead of asking for money from his subscribers. Obviously he has an anger problem and he normally removes the hateful backlash he dishes out soon after. If anyone is curious, just ask him if he’s working.

Here is a snippet from his facebook that was immediately deleted:

“I fucking CANT STAND PEOPLE TODAY! I just want to bust heads open. Why the FUUUUUUCK do I even make videos? I’m not getting SHIT for $ and its CONSTANT work for nothing and know what I get in return? A bunch of hateful, spiteful abusive comments. I just feel like deleting the whole fucking thing.

You gotta be fucking crazy to work for a bunch of people and get abused for almost nothing. Fucking dumb ass stupid fucking people.


Fuck you. Fuck it all. Fucking entitled ungrateful fucking spiteful hateful fucks.
AND WHAT THE FUUUUCK do I have to do to get it through these morons heads that “living free” doesn’t mean living without having to buy stuff and work? DO I NEED TO STRAP A FUCKING CAMERA TO MY HEAD PERMANENTLY WHILE WORKING? IVE SHOWN PLENTY OF WORK EVEN LITERALLY ON VIDEO.


Just uploading the videos alone is work! Dumb fucks”


Here is another drunken rant from mike:

Another example of some bashing from Mike on a group called Rubber Tramp

Yet another drunken rant from Mike on Assyrian God’s aka Elvis Travels Hangout last night on 9/23/2016


I was just minding my own business when out of nowhere, Mike hits me with his temper.


After Mike has sobered up and always seems to regret his temper… he got hacked, yet again. He won’t show proof of all these alleged hackings though.




While Mike does show that he works odd jobs here and there, He does take donations from Paypal. So far he has made $4075.00 from 2 IndieGOGO campaigns since 2014. Also an undisclosed amount of money from donations.

Tour Of Places to Live Free Mike Oconnor

Go To RVing Book n Get Back on the Road _ Indiegogo Mike Oconnor


Mike was a friend of Eric Jacobs but they had a falling out. Mike has made it known on his youtube that they aren’t friends due to personal reasons.

mike oconnor, no longer friends with eric jacobs

mike oconnor, no longer friends with eric jacobs


Mike’s Arrest Photos:


Mike’s Bio for his book published to amazon:

Excerpt from lulu:

I was born in April of 1982, making me 28 years old. Raised in the Mid-American State of Minnesota and graduated from St. Francis Sr. High School in 2000. From there I traveled a while working across America doing various work projects, some of them were very dangerous but quite an experience. I had some great adventures but the reality of life quickly weighed in and I started a contracting company for Directv doing their installs in Minnesota as a contractor. It only lasted about four years. After that, I went outside society’s long arm and lived in a very peaceful place. A place in the middle of nowhere, I contemplated life and goals and decided to write a book. This brings me here, writing a very short bio. I’m still searching for that real concrete meaning of life, and having fun along the way!

is this Mike’s self published Book?

Learn more about Mike on the forums


I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. error error says:

    Pay Mama is rolling her eyes at his every action, and ignoring him when called during filming for Youtube. Mike isn’t such a bad dude, just needy, but it’s clear Lydia and her boy want to go it their own.

  2. johnny Doe says:

    No different than Nomadic Fanatic and Wanderlust.. All their money is legit though people willingly donate every cent..

    The real problem is the only people ‘exposing’ them are half-wit lazy internet trolls who can’t really be bothered to try and source information on any of them and usually just speculate..

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