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Noelle and Vince

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I caught a glimpse of Noelle and Vince Amendola after they bought a van from another Youtuber that i’ve watched called Happily Houseless.

Here is the first video when they received the van some time in February 2015.



noelle has spent a lot of time building up her fan base and trying to hock her music and books. Noelle is very cult like in her actions. Divide and conquer mentality. It reminds me of the teachings of scientology especially talking about being clear.

If you look at her website, some people seem to think that she is a narcissistic egomaniac as well as a few fries short of a happy meal.

Vince has a child from a previous marriage and according to posts on youtube comments by the family….Vince abandoned his kid.


noelle and vince lack of obligations

Here is a review for her book Bliss Beyond Belief: The Journey Out of Pain Into Your Highest Destiny

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noelle marie and vince, child abandonment


The reason why that is being brought up at this moment is on the website, Noelle lays out the plan and one of the steps is to let go of your obligations to live your dream life.  I can’t make this shit up.



Let’s fast track a year later and here we are in 2016 and Noelle and Vince after less than 5 years of marriage are “Consciously Uncoupling” according to Noelle. She took the van, took the business and left poor vince with nothing more than his clothes, a drill and a few bucks. Noelle also took the Youtube channel and made vince start his own.



Here is Vince’s first video


The insanity of things can best be shown in this inspired video.



Since Vince has been separated from Noelle he is making amends. He briefly talked about how he is making up for past wrongs and has recently got a another van and a job. Things look to be going into a positive direction with Vince. This page will be updated with more info soon.

I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.

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  1. longrangeshooter says:

    NUT Job– I know it’s a double pun, but just look at that mouth and tell me you can’t see her gobbling some goo.

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