Nomadic Fanatic Documentary Scam

Eric Jacobs aka Nomadic Fanatic, Caught in a Long Con
March 14, 2016
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April 5, 2016
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Nomadic Fanatic Documentary Scam

nomadic fanatic documentary scam

Nomadic Fanatic still has not released a Documentary and it doesn’t appear there ever will be one. Not shocking, this was just yet another lie to scam money from people on the hopes and dreams of a project that will never happen. His supporters like to argue that his daily travels are the documentary but no, it is not.

Every Time someone dares to ask any questions about this project and anything else , they are immediately banned and labeled a troll and a hater.  There is a legion of pissed off people who were once huge supporters of this person that are now paying it forward to get this scammer off youtube. If you browse youtube and search for the name nomadic fanatic, you will be introduced to a swarm of anti-nomadic fanatic videos. Most are chock full of truth about how this scammer is ripping off his own subscribers.

The Nomadic Fanatic is well aware that he is still telling people that he is working on this documentary and is also mocking everyone, all this is shown in the video below.









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