Who Is Nomadic Fanatic Stickers?

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April 5, 2016
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June 4, 2016
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Who Is Nomadic Fanatic Stickers?

Nomadic Fanatic Stickers, Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCVLk-kyjGbvF-ro3WIR3Q

Nomadic Fanatic Stickers – The Thorn in Eric Jacobs side

Clouded in mystery, forged from the fiery depths of a volcano in the fiji islands….. Who exactly is Nomadic Fanatic Stickers? Are they male or female, no one really knows for sure. All we really know is that the videos get pumped out faster than Nomadic Fanatic can make them.

We are talking legendary status videography with special effects and overlays that Zeus himself applaudes. All brought to you from an iPad.

Let’s backtrack a moment, Nomadic Fanatic Stickers was first seen back at the beginning of the new year. During Nomadic Fanatics latest transmission scam that had him stranded in jacksonville for weeks. Only to quickly find out though fans of this YouTube celebrity, it was all a lie. He was caught by no less than 2 of his biggest supporters, both from around the area that followed and adored his crazy videos.

One of those people was brutally attacked online by no one other than Eric himself, the Nomadic Fanatic. Threats went flying, legal actions were sworn, all because someone who truly admired him and his lifestyle and how he made his videos online, caught him in a con game. The person in the image has made it known she doesn’t want anything to do with this so she was blurred out.


Take a look at the image below to see what we are talking about: Click for Larger Image


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Typically people caught in a lie will do anything and everything to get the other person to backdown. If you read some of the comments from the image above you will see that Eric jacobs likes to use threats of legal action to get people to shut up. How can he possibly scam people if everyone keeps finding out about them?

We here at e-beggars.com, and what i mean by we is I. My name is Jasmine Francis, recently my facebook was leaked out to Eric Jacobs and he sent me a nice little note via facebook. What he didn’t know was I was the one that leaked my own facebook. For one, I am really bored about not getting doxxed. I thought this was the scary internet where people get found out and their lives ruined? Having to change your number and getting your mailbox full of adult diapers, and nothing has happened. All this talk about trolls and internet tough guys was just a scary story told around a campfire to keep the scammers rolling in money.

Whoever Nomadic Fanatic Stickers is, I hope they keep making videos. They are much more fun to watch than from the actual source.




I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. Jasmine says:

    Operation Vienna Sausage is underway.

  2. Joe Burbinski says:

    Nice op-ed, wonderfully and masterfully put together,

  3. Punkin Smith says:

    Spot on. Great piece and so true. Love your ability to get to the meat of these scammers.

  4. Waylon Joy says:

    Hypno Toad! I so need one of those cars. Anyone know where to buy them?
    Hypno Toad!

  5. Hugh Mungus says:

    Stickers is an unemployed ebegger too. Being that you support him just makes you a hypocrite.

  6. Maryjane Jenine Kemp says:

    theyre all eric hes a con

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