Nomadic Fanatics Cancer

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Double Dipping With Patreon
January 31, 2017
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February 10, 2017
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Nomadic Fanatics Cancer

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I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the scamming world. No, not really but unraveling the mysteries that is Nomadic Fanatic doesn’t take much brain cells. I’ve decided to name this recent set of scams as “Cancer”. It was two scams performed back to back and each using 2 different people and the subscribers as the marks. Eric Jacobs is killing the RV Community with his cancer.

We have the scam with the bad refrigerator, in which Eric went into some detail about how he needed a new one versus getting parts and it would cost like $1600. He was nice enough to go over the details again about how someone as large as Camping World could not do it without holding him up or even at all. I personally did some calling around to different stores and found this to be total bullshit.

So following the recent trip from Disney World in  December which if anyone knows, is a tad expensive to hang around. Unless he was gifted some free tickets, for two people and 2 days its about $400. I imagine being a man child he spent money on food and games. Maybe he got lucky and spent less than $1000 with RV camping and all.

Eric went out of his way to get to Panama City to get to RV Prepper Waynes house, which make a mental note, is a known GoFundMe scammer.  Where it just so happens, he also rebuilds RV’s and campers for people, so he could in fact have a spare fridge around, in case someone needed a prop. I mean come on, what is a scam without some props.

MCN nightmare with a Patreon Appetizer

Now we have the most recent crisis as the MCN shenanigans and not getting paid. This one was not as well planned out, in fact it felt a little rushed. I knew if I poked around enough I’d start to make some sense of it.

Eric makes a video in his sad puppy dog face that he hasn’t gotten paid from his MCN (Multi Channel Network) and he can’t even get jax to a vet or get out of the area he is in and is stranded.

So he cooks up the patreon idea for a temporary problem, stretches out the good news video an extra 3 days to get more bang for his buck and doubles down in income.

Let me walk you through it.

January 16 he creates a patreon, since he needs help for this supposed temporary shortage of money.

January 19th he uploads the good news video that everything’s fine the MCN paid him and he can leave, but it doesn’t publish until January 22nd.

Patreon is permanent now.

MCN, Patreon scam, eric jacobs

Wow look at the upload dates on this

If someone really was in trouble with money, there wouldn’t be a lag, it would be live.

You could look at this as grasping for straws, except Eric was found to be lying about the last transmission scam by no less than 3 people who were loyal subscribers. Which goes to show that popularity can ruin a good con.

The few loyal subscribers Nomadic Fanatic has always wondered why he doesn’t get sponsors like other channels.

Maybe it’s because they aren’t stupid.

I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. Joe Burbinski says:

    Nicely succinct, good work – You may want to edit and put in the fact he was also in Quartzsite AZ, video proof showing him there just at the end of the RTR Jan 22

    • Three Dogs Camping says:

      We were at the RTR, never heard a whisper he was around ( an there were quite a few notable YouTubers there ) This guy is the reason I find my videos in ebegger playlists. While we’ve worked over three years to get in the road his antics have made it hard for others to succeed in the YouTube space. We had ( an still have ) a fan funding button on our channel. It’s made twenty bucks in two years lol. But because of it, we’ve been associated as an ebegger like this asshat. Why won’t he go away?

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