Nomadic Fanatics T-Shirt Scam

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May 27, 2016
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August 24, 2016
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Nomadic Fanatics T-Shirt Scam

Here we are coming into the summer and Nomadic Fanatic is worried about the logistics with traveling to the east coast. Looks like he spent all that money from the sticker scam. So he comes out with a new video with a new t-shirt he had designed. We talk a lot here on this website how Eric Jacobs is a con man and scammer. It’s almost to the point of just being repetitive, unless of course that’s exactly what he is doing with everything. Let’s review this new t-shirt design shall we?


nomadic fanatic, t-shirt scam, paws

So this new design looks like a crappy image of jax coming up out of the water to grab the rv……..where have I seen this before???

nomadic fanatic, scam, t-shirt scam, paws

Oh dear,  the same person who was so adamant about making his Youtube channel name into a trademark to stop the trolls and haters… literally ripping off paws and doesn’t think twice about it. I’m thinking he isn’t getting this done by a t-shirt shop, but he has his own t-shirt press and one of his friends will be making them as he travels. He is selling his shirts for $32.00 and says he will barely make any profit. I call bullshit, i suspect he will be making 80+ percent profit on each shirt. Then there is the whole legal issue he could be facing with the actual owner of the paws brand he is ripping off.

Reminds me of the “nomad board” he was just recently promoting where it is highly believed he is the actual owner of this drop ship company due to his responses about it. The image below was in response to a video another youtuber made that the nomad board company sent them a non working board. Somehow a company in which Eric is not affiliated is going to give him information to help figure this out??? Come on people, use your critical thinking skills. This is obviously bullshit.


nomad board ran by nomadic fanatic


Eric has refused to address the OBVIOUS similarity to the actual PAWS brand by deleting comments and blocking users on his facebook page.


nomadic fanatic, scammer, copyright thief



I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. Joe Burbinski says:

    good stuff

  2. Colin John Clifford says:

    Good work.. this site is awesome!

  3. Treading Water says:

    Every animal has “paws”!! And Eric has a featured animal; a cat named Jax, that he travels with!! So, how do you think that his “Seven-Toed-Paws” is a rip-off on some other Paws entity? Do you think that one person has a right to “license” a common word so nobody else can use it? Kinda like the “POLO” label? Nobody can ever use that word in a phrase for any reason!! EVER!!

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