Rest Stop Radio Interviews Eric Jacobs

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August 24, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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Rest Stop Radio Interviews Eric Jacobs

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Sometime in May 2016 Rest Stop Radio posted an sound file of an interview with Eric Jacobs. The interview itself was not very long but the interviewers actually tried to find some background on Eric. We don’t see this very often where people find conflicting information and actually inquire about it. It is a surprisingly well done little piece where Eric was caught in his lies yet again.

A few parts of this caught my ear. In the beginning they found Eric outside his RV pacing and smoking. Eric told his subs he quit smoking. Who cares if a guy smokes right? Well the people that donate to him don’t want him smoking, so you can see in his videos, he goes through much effort to hide that fact.

When questioned about his documentary scam Eric said that he did not give a “time frame”, but according to his Indiegogo… says September 2014.

Eric has also denied changing his name in the past, but in the interview admits that he changed it due to his last name being hard to pronounce.

While the “trolls and haters” found out he had a criminal record in which Eric has always denied. Yet now in this interview he says the restraining order that they found is on his record and tries to explain it away.



Listen to the Interview

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