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January 3, 2016
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January 6, 2016
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Rv Prepper Wayne

RV Prepper Wayne, AKA Wayne Daugherty

Wayne, ran a GofundMe because he had to move closer to town to get his daughter into a better school and so his wife would not be driving so far to work. This was never validated by the donators and people are assuming this was all bullshit.

Before and After screenshots of Wayne still living in same place.


Then a pay it forward failure:


Wayne recently started a facebook group called Walmart BoonDocking and Camping, even though it has never been verified he has ever boon docked in any place other than his residence.


I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


  1. ToEachTheirPwn says:

    He’s becoming the last “safe haven” that Eric has. Eric will fuck him over eventually. Its just a matter of time.

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