How to Scam People and Make Real Money

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How to Scam People and Make Real Money

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One of the things we see quite a bit since the explosion of social media is the staggering amount of begging that is happening. We are going to give you the basic steps you need to really get your scamming campaign off to a good start. Please make sure you have a following of people who are able to buy into your bullshit, this will not work unless they have already initiated contact with you and you were able to define them truly as your mark.


Scamming Tactic #1:

Determine your target audience and make sure they are the baby boomers just looking to fill that empty nest. 

These people are literally just looking to fill that hole in their life now that the kids are gone.
They will overlook any and all information so that it doesn’t destroy their idea of you, which is all they want anyway.

Typically, these people are alone and retired and just really want to connect to someone, anyone really, they are pathetic people.

This will be our target audience.

Grab a camera and make some videos for YouTube and any other social media platforms, people love to watch videos! Work that psychology in to these gullible people, they’ll be willingly handing over their money in a very short time. These people are generally on the lower ends of an IQ test.

So let’s fill them up with some of that hope, then drain their wallets of cash 😉

Target psychological emotion: Loss and Grief.

Now that we’ve identified the marks, we can start getting them to trust us through simple manipulation….


living free on your dime, mike oconnor, eric jacobs, scammer



Scamming Tactic #2:

Write an Ebook!

This helps if you have a following, especially on YouTube or Facebook. These gullible bastards will buy anything once they look at your subscriber count. You can even go balls out and do a GoFundMe and watch that money just roll in.

You don’t even need to know anything, just copy and paste things you find on google.

You will automatically be called a legitimate author if you self publish on amazon, get in there and get that free credibility! If you have already written a book previously, this is a lot easier than you could ever imagine. Pimp that ebook until you write a new one and cash in!

Target psychological emotion: Proof and credibility.


Scamming Tactic #3:

Fake a Breakdown (Mechanical or Emotional, really doesn’t matter)

The trifecta of a real scammer is the emotional AND mechanical breakdown of your mode of transportation. If you are one of the lucky few with an RV, you are already ahead of the game.

Work your magic with the sad state of affairs, your ride is down and you can’t get where you want. You need to really lay this on thick, if you can cry real tears, this will work miracles for your bank account.

Make sure you have some type of product to sell! People aren’t getting scammed if they receive a product with that “donation”!

Remember, you must never show how excited you are until you no longer want to get anymore money. The goal is to get as much money as possible over a long period of time, these are your special gullible benefactors.

Target psychological emotion: Gullibility





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