AmazingAtheist e-beggar

AmazingAtheist e-beggar


The Amazing Atheist (TAA; or Thomas “TJ” Kirk) is an atheist vlogger and popular jerk. When he first started he battled creationists and it was bad enough that both sides got heated. Later on he went into this anti-feminist POV, and basically turned into an even bigger jerk. Most people find that he actually does more harm than good and steer clear of him. Oddly enough like other jerks online people still defend this asshat.

As of March 2016, TJ has over 837,000 subscribers and 272 million views.

TJ joined YouTube in late 2006. Instead of drowning in a sea of information about TJ let’s get right to the dirt and talk about his ebegging and scams.
2008 – TJ made some videos about making a documentary and wanting money for a road-trip. Where he would go on the road and meet and interview famous atheists and also creationists. He went on to take thousands of dollars in donations over the course of several months, yet the trip never happened. Kinda reminds me of Eric Jacobs Documentary Scam. TJ does not recall this event being talked about, how convenient right? You can check out his old myspace page that talks about it, it’s in the wayback machine. Click here to see that.

2009 – TJ ran a donation campaign for a planned website called FreeSpeechVids, which was to compete with YouTube to get around their regulated guidelines. This site did come to fruition, and was up for over a year, unfortunately it never lived up to its promises.

FakeSagan came out with a video that said TJ spent all the money on himself.

August 2011 – TJ said he was starting work on a project called “Not Productive”, in which you the users would be paying to start this.

In early 2012 TJ started a big donation push, explaining that the premise was to show quality video makers that get “buried under all the YouTube crap”. Here’s the video below talking about it.

The site was to host videos on Blip or YouTube, and have the comments on Facebook. TJ set a donation goal of $20,000, in the end taking over $17,000.  January 2013, 1 and a half years from the website’s planned launch date, the website was publicly accessible for about 2 weeks. However, it was a huge pile of shit with glitches all in it. As of June 2013, almost two years past the site’s initial planned launch date, the site was not up in any official capacity. It eventually launched as a YouTube channel, Many asked where the $17+ thousand had gone and why it took TJ so long to show any progress.


Not Productive! scam,

Not Productive! scam



Here is also a video done by Straightd0pe which goes over this scam, its very well done.